Product to keep your uggs clean

25 Oct

Product to keep your uggs clean

Clean It Up. Cleaning your Uggs boots on the regularly will keep them both fresh and looking good , There is nothing less attractive than footwear that’s tore up & dirty . has a cleaning suitable cleaner for real sheepskin, for only $8.00. Tillys Offers: a cleaning set suitable for real sheepskin, for only $20.If yours boots aren’t real sheepskin,just be sure to treat with a water-proof spray like Rain & Stain Guard, available at Payless stores), and to clean, lightly dampen and gently sponge with a mix of one part leather cleaner with one part water. Stuff your boots with newspaper to ensure they maintain their shape as they dry. Sprinkle that old stand-by, baking soda, lightly inside to fight odor. Checkout our Source Here

The UGG Sheepskin Care Kit is formulated from natural, non-toxic, biodegradable products and uses no animal products. Specially created by UGG Australia to clean, condition and rejuvenate the life of your sheepskin footwear. Made in USA. Care kit contains: Sheepskin Freshener – Eliminate odor caused by bacteria to keep your sheepskin its freshest. -Wood-handled Sheepskin Brush -Stain Eraser


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