Color Cardigan

Colorful Cardigan
They come in so many wonderful shades, and I love the effect you get when combining them with other vibrant colors. Nothing transforms a look quite like a colorful cardigan!

The Most Versatile Accessory it dresses up your favorite skirt, jeans or dress by give you the laid back appearance in the office or at play in some tailored pants. the colorful cardigan.

How to Wear a Cardigan

Cardigans worn by both men and women – though sometimes a man’s cardigan is known as a mandigan. These sweaters can be made out of nearly any kind of material, though if you’re using the sweater for added warmth, you will want to choose the more traditional materials – wool and cotton.

These sweaters can be worn as part of a twinset for women or by themselves over any sort of shirt. Some people prefer to wear them as almost a jacket for their outfit, while others make the cardigan the main piece of their attire.

With a cardigan, you can create a new look for your wardrobe without having to change what you’re already wearing. And if Mr. Rogers says that it’s okay to wear cardigans, shouldn’t you?

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