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1 May

Fitness Trackers

  The Best Fitness Trackers the only way to track calories, activity, sleep, and more, and the only body monitoring weight loss tool on the market that I will recommend. It measures galvanic skin response, skin temperature, heat flux, and has a 3-axis accelerometer, and somehow manages to capture over 5,000 data points per minute.
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8 Dec

Top 7 BPA Water Bottles Keep you Refreshed All Day

I’ve always stayed relatively hydrated, but when I started getting into nutrition, I realized just how essential water is for every function in your body. It flushes out toxins, balances energy levels, carries nutrients to cells, and keeps your temperature stable. Bisphenol-A (BPA) is one of said toxins. It disrupts your endocrine system by mimicking and interfering with your
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19 Nov

Pole Dancing Workouts

Pole Dancing , Striptease, and Boot Camp Fitness Workshops Workshops are a great intro to pole dancing and striptease. Workshops are held periodically throughout the year. For information Women all over America have taken up the art of exotic pole dancing. Many have discovered that it is an incredible workout that is an incredibly fun
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5 Nov
3 Nov

interval training

Crunches Not Getting You The Abs That You Desire? There is no way to lose weight in one targeted area of the body. Heart pumping cardio is needed to burn calories and lose your overall body fat. More specifically, interval training is proven to target the fat around your belly. So give it a try
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3 Nov
25 Oct

Can Exercise Keep You Young

People who exercise regularly tend to stay healthier as they age, and now new research may explain why at a cellular level. Compared to people who did not exercise, elite runners in the study had cells that looked much younger under a microscope. Specifically, investigators measured the length of telomeres — the DNA on either
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4 Feb

My DailyBurn Weightloss Review

The workouts are great, every workout class tells you what items need ahead of time, to get a complete burning workout for beginner you do not need weights to still get a good burn, I love fact this is so much cheaper than the gym group classes that offen cost extra weekly charge, the fact
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