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12 May

Mother’s Day Brunch Zest Lemon Posset

This lemon pudding couldn’t be easier. It’s made with just four ingredients: whipping cream, sugar, lemon zest, and lemon juice. All you do is warm everything up, then let the pudding set. It’s like magic. Elegant, simple, and with a velvety texture that is positively dreamy, this lemon pudding is perfect for Easter dinner, Mother’s
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4 May

Dsquared Sunglasses

Dsquared Sunglasses Classy vintage look We all know that vintage sunglasses are considerably fashionable these days. So D-squared eye wear is add a class funky style to any outfit. dquared2 are simply beautiful sunglasses! they are above and beyond stylish for both men and women who can easily pull off conservative sunglasses.These glasses a red
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2 May

Soak up The Sun In Sexy Monokini

Soak up The Sun In Sexy Monokini Look wonderfully wild in SO swimwear. A monokini design with halter styling gives you an adjustable, flirty fit. If you’re on the prowl for exceptional swim style, this juniors’ monokini swimsuit is a must-have

30 Apr

8 Best car rental deals 2019

Budget Car Rental Deals Save On a One Way Rental Save on your car rental with Budget specials Save up to 35% with Pay Now at Save up to 25% off when you rent with Budget. Avis Car Rental Deals Avis Small Business – Enroll for Free! Reserve now and enjoy up to 25% off
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30 Apr

How to Rock White Jeans

How to Rock White Jeans I wear white jeans year round. I never put them away come Labor Day that a myth. White Jean offers you a crisp clean feeling from your basic blues jeans There a easy and comfortable way to lighten your look come summer with a little color or no color at
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24 Apr

Sunlight Yellow Turmeric Cauliflower Curry

This is a nice curry for a weeknight since it doesn’t involve too much heavy lifting. There are many versions in India, of course, but this one makes a substantial vegetarian meal. The official name for this dish is “shahi” cauliflower curry. The word shahi roughly translates as “royal,” and it is indeed a royal
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23 Apr

Tasty Crunchy Chicken Salad

This Week, our style-foodie is featuring  another   Instagram  favorite simple salads. Today’s crunchy salad would  is  the perfect the quick meal to bring along to picnics or to pack ahead for  2 months until summer time.  Let’s  shed those winter jackets and indulge in eating fresh salads to get our summer bodies . You can enjoy 3
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1 May

Fitness Trackers

  The Best Fitness Trackers the only way to track calories, activity, sleep, and more, and the only body monitoring weight loss tool on the market that I will recommend. It measures galvanic skin response, skin temperature, heat flux, and has a 3-axis accelerometer, and somehow manages to capture over 5,000 data points per minute.
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6 Apr
5 Mar

Eyes Lashes With Color

Bright is the new bold with these vivid shades that also double as a brow tint purple mascara  Bright Eyes Lashes With Color There for special occasions! It’s easy to apply and there are different shades to choose from, so you can find the one that’s right for you. Application: · Step One: Apply the
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